CCCC Remote Access

Before continuing, your CCCC Remote Access Request form (print duplex if possible) needs to be approved.

Once the request form is approved, download the CCCC Remote Access client to the device from which you will be connecting.
Follow the quick install steps below or view the entire User Manual.
The client requires Windows with .NET Framework 4.5 installed. Mac OS and Linux need to manually connect via SSH and RDP.

Quick install steps. View the manual for additional details and screenshots.
  1. Install CCCC_Remote_Access.msi
  2. Launch from Desktop or Start Menu.
  3. Install any required updates.
  4. Click Configuration to open the configuration window.
  5. Fill in steps 1 through 3.
  6. At step 4, click Generate Key. Move the mouse randomly around inside the window.
  7. At step 5, click the link to open the registration form in the browser. Submit the registration form.
  8. Close CCCC Remote Access. It may take some time to be approved to connect.
Once the client configuration is approved, launch again and click Connect.